Last Straw.

So, my parents finally did it. They kicked me out.

I asked for my tax return so I could file for Government Funding for school, but I didn’t want to tell them why I needed my tax return so they wouldn’t get super pissed with me. Well, they threatened to kick me out because I refused to tell them.

So, to save myself from being out on the street without the gov’t money, I told them why. Their response? “Well, if you want to be out of this house, then you’re gone now.”

They kicked me out because I asked for my tax return. Mind you, they refused to give it to me even then, which is actually illegal because it is MY tax information, not theirs.

Thank goodness I have an amazing boyfriend I can live with. It just pisses me off so much that they kicked me out based on the most ridiculous reason.

I’m a lot happier now that I’m away from that poisonous environment but I’m still rattled that this all happened.


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