Perhaps Not.

I love my family, I really do, but I’ve never claimed to like them. With that said, I often make decisions based on whether or not I like them. Of course, big decisions are based on my love for them, but smaller ones? Uh-uh.

Take this evening, for example. I have a math test tomorrow, and math is not my strong suit, I am willing to admit. My brother and father offered to help me out with studying, and even though I appreciate their concern, I declined.

And for a good reason, too! Of course, whenever they help me, they manage to be more criticizing instead of supportive. For example, when I don’t know how to do a question, instead of saying something like, “it’s no worries, let me go over it so you understand,” they’ll throw something at me like, “oh, you don’t understand this? When then clearly you haven’t been studying. Do you ever do any work?”

So I graciously declined their offer, as I can’t stand they way they think they’re helping. They’re really just making me feel stupid.

Then they get mad at me because I didn’t get any help for this math test, which is actually very untrue. I tried to get help from my old friend from high school, but I wasn’t allowed to go to his house to study, it had to be at mine, where my dad could watch me and make sure I was staying on track. Well, my friend wasn’t able to come to my house because he had an assignment of his own he was working on at his place on his desktop.

They claim I didn’t try to get help. I definitely did, they just wouldn’t let me leave the damn house.

I’m so done with this place, honestly. I can’t wait till I can get the heck out again.


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