A little about little me.

Well then, my first blog. Unless tumblr counts which I’m pretty sure it totally doesn’t.

Anyway, I’m 21 and living in Canada. I hate winter as I weigh around 95 lbs, so winter automatically means I’m always cold and always miserable. But I’ll survive. Tea is a wonderful creation for times like these.

I have a lot of issues with my life at home but hey, who doesn’t? (The answer is: not that many.) And I mean real issues, not “MOM, my brother just knocked over my eyeliner and it went everywhere!”

But I’m in my first year of college and trying to get through it without losing my mind.

I have an amazing boyfriend who has been extremely supportive over the past two years we’ve been together, though, and he continues to be the light of my world.

Also, I say little me because I’m only five feet and two inches. I know that’s not the smallest, but oh if I had a dollar for every time someone has used me as an arm’s rest… yeah, I’d be filthy rich.

Well, not sure what else to say as of now but hey, may as well start somewhere.


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